Friday, June 4, 2010

Covered With Love

Just after Memorial Day, the real work started for the Mennonite Heritage & Agricultural Museum's doll quilt and crib quilt show, "Covered With Love", began. Of course, the preparation began months ago but the quilts and props were pouring in before our deadline. This week, I've spent much of my time helping catalogue quilts, photographing quilts, looking at props and planning displays.

If you'll be in south-central Kansas on the weekend of June 11-13, come join us at the quilt show! There will be over 100 doll quilts and almost 50 crib quilts on display in the Prep School. Some antique and vintage cradles, dolls and toys will be there too.

On Sunday afternoon, there will also be a car show for the guys while the ladies enjoy the quilts. Should be a great weekend to spend at the museum!

This is the doll quilt that my grandmother made for my younger sister and I to play with. That was about 50 years ago and during that time, my cousins, my daughter, nieces and basically any little girl who visited our house played with this doll quilt! It now belongs to my daughter but she lets me display it.

I was able to hand piece 16 tumbling blocks before I absolutely had to put them away and concentrate on the quilt show. Surprisingly to me, I'm enjoying the process and I think I might say its a little addicting! I hope to get back to them soon.

I'll be posting pictures of some of our displays of quilts from the show next time!

Thank you very much to Michele who sent me an envelope of selvages! Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to resist playing with them?!? July is only a few short weeks away and I plan to start the spiderweb selvage quilt then but its oh, so tempting to sit down at my sewing machine now!


Sue-Anne said...

Oh how I wish I could be in Kansas to visit the quilt show. Your little doll quilt is so special and how wonderful that it hasn't been lost or discarded like so many before it.

Marie said...

I love the doll quilts, especially ones that have lasted through the years. I made my 18 month old granddaughter one to wrap her babies in but she wants to snuggle with it without the babies.

Hugs - Marie

Sharmayne said...

I'm still drooling over the tumbling blocks - its just a matter of time before I'm committed to them......... need to find a template for them first

Lori said...

Your tumbling blocks are awesome!! The colors you've chosen really show the 3d of that block.

I wish I was closer to go to the show. I lvoe doll quilts! How lucky you'll get to see so many.