Saturday, June 12, 2010

What is it?

I've been having a little guessing game at the quilt show about my doll quilt shown below. I found it in a half price tub of vintage linens at an antique mall in Wichita and since it was so unique, it became the first doll quilt I purchased.

I've been asking our quilt show viewers what they "see" in the doll quilt. So far, some of the guesses have been:

1. This is in the style of Gee's Bend.
2. A house (the blue triangle is the roof).
3. Sunbonnet Sue gone bad!

Tell me what you "see"! What do you think it is? I think I will go along with guess #2 about the house unless someone sees something even better!

Tomorrow afternoon is the last day of the quilt show so if you're in driving distance of Goessel, Kansas ( population 450-ish), be sure to be there!


  1. It looks like someone wanted to use up every bit of fabric they had. Is this depression era? Also, it looks from the photo that there is a button (right side below the orange plaid...) Interesting little quilt. The other picture ... Wow . What size are those quilts? Itty bitty? Nice display. Bonnie

  2. Don't you recognize it? This is the winner of The World's Ugliest Quilt contest!

  3. I have to agree with the house guess. I turned by computer up side down and still didn't come up with anything else. I would have loved to come to the exhibition but unfortunately you would be packed and gone by the time I even got to Melbourne airport. Great job.

  4. I can definately see the house and the triangles could be the fence line?

  5. It reminds me of "wash day" - doing laundry.

  6. Well, I live on the coast of Ga, so I see..
    A pelican. w/rays of sunshine (orange) all around...
    Looks like a young girl was allowed to freely experiment and make her own doll quilt!~just wonderful! XO