Monday, January 18, 2010

I have not been good.

Today I began sorting through a tub of scraps of fabric which date back 20 years! This includes fabric from my daughter's dresses, my crafting business, attempts at making my own clothing and early quilting projects, probably even some from a few years ago.

It was kind of like an archeological dig. I found layers of fabric scraps I remembered and some I have no idea when I would have used them! There were 1 inch squares and several different sizes of triangles which I've put away to sew together "someday".

I also found strips of fabric one half inch wide and two inches long. What was I thinking I was going to use those for? The worst thing though?!? I didn't throw most of them out. I've kept them for now but if I haven't used them up by the end of June or haven't got a specific project to use them in, they're being thrown out. I hope someone reads this post and reminds me come June!

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