Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finally, a strip quilt finish!

Saturday found me hard at work on my strip quilt, making the "last" six blocks and sewing it all together. Well, it's all sewn together but both my daughter and I think the quilt is now too narrow. Good grief, its the "Quilt That Refuses to be Finished"! So I will keep plugging along on it and maybe next week it will be done.

However, in the middle of sewing the blocks and baking cinnamon rolls, I decided to make string potholders! I can't remember when I bought the potholders I'm using now. They're really not bad if you don't mind the faded look, maybe that could be called shabby chic! Also, we'll ignore the burns and fraying edges. Those are just signs of character and kind of go with my cookbook. And yes, in case you're wondering, I do admit my cooking sets off the smoke alarm on a regular basis!

Here are my two "Chocolate Box" strip potholders! This was a fun little project. When I started sewing the strips together for the potholders, I thought I was done with the quilt so I pieced some of the strips together to use them up. I like the scrappy look of it. This project also used up a small portion of the batting scraps I've been saving. Its been a long time since I've sewn with bias tape so the corners aren't as good as they could be but I like the end result all the same!


  1. Good for you with the potholders. I admit my oven is quite sensitive and my smoke alarm goes off far too often.

  2. You are no reply Mayleen so I thought I'd jump over to your blog. I felt I had to hurry n my quilting of CC&C because I was the "leader". (I use that word very loosely) I can't wait to see yours!
    BTW, I burn potholders too!!

  3. . . . and Big T wants me throw old potholders away. I keep telling him that the potholder police is out there just waiting for me to throw one out. So I just keep adding to them but when I need to grab one, I always gravitate to my 'old favorite'.

  4. Hey now! There's lots of life left in my old potholders! I haven't thrown them out yet, LOL! If I'm going to spend money, I want more fabric or chocolate. I do have some potholders I've never used but they seem too big. Those two in the photo are just the right size and my favorites.