Friday, July 31, 2020

Quilting Update but first ...

Mr. Clyde, mighty hunter specializing in bugs

Color makes me happy!

I like the overgrown naturalized look but this might be a little too much. If you want to follow the path, you have to fight your way through the sunflowers.

I thought I may have dug up all the Surprise Lilies (AKA Naked Ladies) when I was thinning out the orange daylilies but here they are making themselves at home in the Hibiscus.

In May, I decided to hide the septic tank cover by planting Zinnia seed over it. When I didn't see seedlings, I planted more and maybe planted just a few too many!

I really am working on machine quilting the Wish Upon a Feathered Star wall hanging but its going slow. There was a time when I would have pushed myself to just get it done but since Covid began, I've been slowing down and usually only spend a couple of hours quilting a day if at all.

I've finished quilting one star block trying to get everything just right. Then I took this photo and realized because the fabric is so busy, most of the quilting is not going to show at all. Not only that, this wall hanging will hang over our fireplace where no one will be able to get up close to see the quilting. This is the perfect machine quilting project for me at this time!

Until next time, Mayleen


Quilting Babcia said...

I love a garden jumble that looks like it's been there forever! Your garden fits my definition of a perfect summer setting. We covered our septic tank with zinnias and marigolds. Put an L-shaped split rail fence up to keep cars from parking there when we have company since it's right next to the turnaround area of the driveway. The fence is covered with clematis and the outside of the fence has iris, peonies, etc. Best thing is being able to see it every time we look out the kitchen window.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love your milticolor gardens and you can never have too many zinnias.

Sandy said...

Your garden (and your photos) are so beautiful! And what a handsome cat! I, too, love the English Garden look. Unfortunately, my husband does not ~ but the yard has its own idea and usually turns out that way, anyway. Your machine quilting is looking great. Yes busy fabric hides a lot of sins, but I doubt your project has any sins to hide.

QuiltGranma said...

I'm hoping to plant an English (stuffed!) Garden in our now cleared gully soon. Overplanting, great idea! It will be nice to have some beauty there instead of the weeds we had or the dust we have now!

audrey said...

Love your colorful flowerbeds. One of my sisters plants lots and lots of zinnias just to have plenty of cut flowers to display in the house. Makes her happy!:)