Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Its been so long since I blogged that I got the pictures posting in the wrong order but the news is the same! Paint Can Posy is part of the Kaffe Fasset Free Spirit "I am an Artisan" Challenge exhibit at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky. Its hanging now and will be up through AQS Quiltweek in September.  I'm looking forward to seeing it in the museum exhibit!
Paint Can Posy also won a blue ribbon in my quilt guild's June quilt show, Common Threads Regional Quilt Show in Wichita, KS!

Next time I'll post more exciting news about two of my new quilts one of which may be taking me in a totally new quilting direction.

Until then, Mayleen


Roxanne said...

Mayleen! Congratulations! That is a joyful quilt and just beautiful! So happy to see a post from you!

JJM said...

This quilt takes my breath away ! Your designing talent is stunning. Using fabrics that explode on the screen, and I'm sure to see it in person is even more so. Love it's title and Emma Bombecks quote. You certainly lived up to that quote also. I'm friend of Wanda's and I can see why she is your friend too ! JJM

Sandy said...

Mayleen! Yay! (I've missed you..)
Congratulations on having your quilt included in the exhibition. Its a fabulous quilt. Wish I could see it in person.

audrey said...

Congrats on your quilt hanging in the museum exhibit! This is such a stunning quilt. Would love to see it close up!

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Congratulations! What a great quilt I had to zoom in for the details Magnificent!