Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy 33rd Birthday PQG!

Yesterday was Prairie Quilt Guild's 33rd. birthday! You might remember that I'm serving as guild president this year. We're a large group with nearly 700 members.

 There was a little craziness. Yes, I wore it. Thankfully, I don't think there are pictures.

Our Birthday Block giveaway - I won 36 blocks! This is the loot that came along with my blocks. I wore the tiara for part of the meeting. Those buttons on the left are actually rings which were decorations on the birthday cupcakes we ate during break. Delicious but wow, did the frosting ever send me on a sugar high!

Here's my stack of spool Birthday Blocks. I'm not sure how I'll put them together yet.

My June UFO finish - "Geese in my Pineapple Patch"

I cringe when I see my straight binding, definitely prefer bias binding. This will probably be used as a table topper so I'm not too concerned about everything being just so.

I know this isn't a pineapple block but the small group I attended years ago when this project was begun, couldn't decide if it was a pineapple block or something to do with flying geese. So, to keep everyone happy, I named it "Geese in my Pineapple Patch"!

This past month has been stressful for me so I took time off from writing on this blog. Whenever I'm stressed out, I begin a new project and even though I hadn't planned to start anything new until I'd finished more of my UFO's, I started what I'm calling my "Presidential Stress Reliever" project. I'll be blogging more about it in the future plus I still plan to finish a UFO each month. July's UFO finish will, hopefully, be my own Jubilee+5 birthday (a few years late) project!

Until next time,


  1. How fun to celebrate the guild birthday! Your spool blocks are looking very interesting.:)

  2. Happy guild anniversary and I really like your pineapple and geese piece!

  3. Happy Birthday to your guild - 700 members seems very large! No wonder you are kept busy. Well done on completing another UFO, I just love the name. I know exactly what you mean when feeling stressed you want to start new projects.