Friday, May 15, 2015

Spools, Geese & Pineapple Patches

First of all, "Thank you!" to everyone who commented about my recent Paducah win! For some reason, I'm not able to "Publish" some of the comments but please know that I appreciate all of them and will reply as soon as I can. My week has been busy and tiring and the plans I had to get a lot done, didn't happen.

For not having much time, I made time to work on a few projects yesterday.

Our quilt guild's Birthday Block this year is a spool block. Yesterday, I decided to make a few to add to the drawing using some "selvage" fabric I purchased in Paducah. This is my favorite of the three I've made so far.

Every year, one of our guild members designs or selects a block pattern for our Birthday Block. Guild members make blocks which are then collected and sorted for a drawing in June. For each block you make, you get one chance to win enough blocks to make a wall hanging or quilt. I've never won any blocks in previous years which is fine because I have plenty of projects to work on!

Speaking of projects, this is the current UFO I'm working on. I've just finished picking out the terrible hand quilting job I did years ago and now plan to stitch in a ditch using my machine. My dilemma: what color thread to use? There are too many seams for me to do a good job hand quilting.

Can anyone tell me which Log Cabin variation this is? I remember naming it "Geese in my Pineapple Patch" because my small group could not agree on the pattern name.

Until next time,


  1. Love your spools. So clever! I'm no good with names so can't help with your pineapple log cabin setting. There are some great log cabin books out there and it must be in one of them!

  2. I love your spool/thread blocks! Who would have thought to use selvedge for the thread? This is so very, very creative. Wonderful job!!!
    P.S. Sorry but I don't know the name of your log cabin variation - is sure is a pretty block though and I can't wait to see how you quilt it!

  3. I'm doing a spool quilt right now, Edyta Sitar's version. Yours are so cute. And the LC is wonderful. Your name sounds good to me.

  4. My belated congrats to you on your Paducah win. I saw your name the day the winners were announced online. I just KNEW you would receive an award. I'm so proud of you! And I saw your selvage quilt in the Quilt Arts Engagement Calendar for 2016. It's perfect for December. Love the selvage fabric spools. Great work, Mayleen! You are SO talented!