Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pictures - Better Late than Never

This may be a review of a few of the 2014 AQS Des Moines Show winners' photos for some of you but for the rest of you, enjoy!

Best of Show
"Isabelle" made by Kathi Carter

Best Hand Workmanship & Viewers' Choice
"Heralds of Spring" made by Joann Webb

Best Modern Quilt
"Diamond Dust" made by Doris Brunnette and Trina Kirkvold

Best Wall Quilt
"Zen Garden" made by Margaret Solomon Gunn

Best Bed Quilt
"Tulip Serenade" made by Barbara Clem

Best Wall Quilt - Home Machine Quilted
"No L" made by Janet Stone

Bed Quilts - Machine Quilted, 1st Place
"Dresden's Dilemma" made by Deborah Poole and Sharon Del Pino

Wall Quilts - Home Machine Quilted, 3rd. Place
"Adagio" made by Dianne S. Hire and Pat LaPierre

Wall Quilts - Modern, 3rd. Place
"Fire and Ice" made by Kimberly Einmo and Judi Madsen

Wall Quilts - Modern, 2nd. Place
"Honey, What Color?" made by Jeri Fickes

Wall Quilts - Hand Quilted, 2nd Place
"Landscape" by Susan E. Ziel

"Vintage Moments" pieced by Jan Zimmerman, machine quilted by Jan Hutchison, two very talented quilters in my quilt guild, which also hung in the show!

"Afternoon Delight" made by Judy R. Williams and Michele Pettorini
I really liked this quilt! It was red and it had lots of pieces.

"Shimmering Stars" by Kristin Vierra
 Unfortunately, this photo doesn't do the quilt justice. It was hanging next to my quilt and I admired the use of crystals on it. 

Another unreal experience - being interviewed by Bonnie Browning of AQS. Here I'm getting my microphone pinned on. I was worried I'd have a silly grin on my face or babble away but I'm happy to say it turned out better than I thought it would!

Its been about two months since I've been able to work on one of my own quilting projects but I may actually get to today. You have no idea how happy that makes me!

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. Well, congratulations again! You are a star, no doubt! I've been present during those Bonnie Browning (and Michele Duffy) interviews, and they're always interesting. Will you enter in Paducah too? I just learned today that I will again be going to Paducah to interview winners for "American Quilter" magazine. It would be fun to get to interview you!

  2. I have not seen any of these wonderful pictures: they're just wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing them on your blog!!

  3. Thanks for sharing, what a beautiful show.