Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Uh, Oh!

This past week, I stitched on the last of the dogtooth borders and narrow brown borders. You probably have no idea how happy that made me! Next I began cutting the pieces for the 4 inch finished Variable Star blocks. While I was doing that, I began having pain in my shoulder and wrist so I cut what I could and have begun piecing.

Because of my experience making the Ohio Stars, which ended up very wonky, I'm paper piecing the Variable Stars. I think they're turning out much more accurate but I'm also being very careful when pressing. Ironing is probably the reason the Ohio Stars were wonky.

Here are some of the cut pieces awaiting assembly.

This is the second block I was putting together and yes, its the same photo above. I thought (still do!) its a nice block except for one thing!

The blocks are supposed to be set on point! I was so careful to fussy cut that I forgot about the setting and will need to remake the center square. Not a quilting catastrophe but just wanted to be very real about my quilting process. Things do not always go right but can usually be fixed!

Here is block #1, just to show you what its supposed to look like. Only 55 more to go! 
By the way, this is border fabric possibility #1 from my previous post. I've decided to finish the star blocks and lay them out on the possible border fabrics to see which one looks best before deciding which one to use. The issue with using this particular fabric is that the seams will be noticeable especially where flowers might join.

Until next time, Mayleen 


  1. Wow, I probably would not have fixed that block but I guess that is why my pattern and fabrics for Phebe are still languishing in my drawer! Hope your shoulder and wrist feel better soon.

  2. The center square looks great just the way it is!!! No need to change it.
    Maggie in Arizona

  3. Beautiful--great idea for auditioning fabric for background

  4. Your Phebe is beautiful and I think fixing that fussy cut blue patch was a good call. I fix problems that I can't live with and those that I can live with, I live with! The blue lady off point would have bothered me but I do like the gingham and the diagonal lines it creates!