Saturday, January 18, 2014

14 on the 14th in 2014

I was inspired by another blogger to begin going through my sewing room and either donating, repurposing or getting rid of 14 things each month. My plan was to do this on the 14th of each month but you notice today is already the 18th.! I'm just a little behind. In my defense, I did start gathering things together on the 14th.

This pile includes crazy quilt projects from years ago, fabric, a sewing kit, applique thread that always knots when I use it, a guild twilling class project gone bad, a wood organizer thing, empty starch spray bottles, a Holly Hobbie doll pattern (?), a cell phone pouch, freebie pins from quilt shows I didn't attend, extra sheer bags for guild New Member gifts from last year and a lap quilting frame. Some of it may end up back in my sewing room but it better have a place to go and a use this time!

This past week I also made a simple flannel baby blanket for my daughter's baby shower. Those are Prairie Points as edging, my first time making them.

I've also been continuing to piece the Variable Stars for the last pieced border on Phebe.

 Do you ever feel like you're being watched? Clyde wants into my sewing room so bad but he's not allowed because he likes to chew on my house plant! If I have the door open, I surely have to have the spray water bottle with me or Clyde will sneak in. You can see it in the picture before this one.

By the way, I seem to be running a home for cats named after criminals! Jesse James has joined Bonnie & Clyde and will be making his blog debut soon. There were a few spats in the beginning but all three are now getting along (most of the time).

These aren't all the stars but I have finished piecing all 56 of them. Some need pressing and two others will need redoing or some tweeking. Next week, I hope to begin putting together that last pieced border. Border fabric choice reveal coming soon!

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. Seems like many of us are on the organizing bent this month. I actually started last month but to be honest my sewing room doesn't look much different.

  2. Wow, 56 is a lot of stars for Phebe! That's a good idea to lay out the stars on the fabric to help you decide what the background will be. Good luck with dealing with 14 things per month - quite ambitious :)

  3. Me too, I'm cleaning and organizing my sewing room~~for the past three days now!!!!!!!!! I could probably easily get rid of 14+.
    Your baby quilt is cute the prairie points are a perfect touch!

  4. Clyde is sooo cute! poor kittie being banned, but I understand. Your pieced blocks are wonderful and the baby quilt is adorable!