Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wedding in our future!

Next spring there will be a wedding in our family! Our daughter is engaged and we are in full wedding prep mode. Searching for a wedding dress, bridesmaid dress fabric, table decorations and all the other details are taking up quite a bit of my time.

Some time ago, I was "talking" to another blogger, Merilyn in Australia, about black wedding dresses. Perhaps she doesn't remember anymore but I told her I would post some photos of the black wedding dresses worn by relatives and here they are (finally).

 As I understand it, white wedding dresses came into style when Queen Victoria wore one in 1840. Mennonites from the Goessel, Kansas community continued to wear black wedding dresses until the early 1900's. I'm not sure who broke the tradition and was the first to wear a white wedding dress but it must have been shocking to this community.
 Sara (Voth) and Benjamin Nickel
married December 18, 1890

Sarah (Goertzen) and David H. Thiesen
married December 2, 1913

Sometime around this time, colored wedding dresses must have come into style. In 1925 when my maternal grandparents married, the bride wore a peach colored dress.

When I'm not thinking about the wedding, I'm still working on my guild's challenge quilt. Elvis has joined me! Just a little teaser there. I will show pictures when I can which, unfortunately, will not be for awhile.
Until next time, Mayleen


  1. Congratulations and how exciting!
    I've seen lots of pink wedding dresses too, which I love!
    looking forward to seeing your guild project.

  2. Congratulations Mayleen! How exciting! Lots of great mother/daughter days ahead! We've had two weddings in our family, daughter's in '08 and oldest son's in'09(that one was in Hawaii) both small intimate affairs. Still have one son to go!

  3. What wonderful photos Mayleen!! I do indeed remember our conversation about black wedding dresses!! That wedding photo of my great grand parents - and her black wedding dress - hangs in my bedroom, I never get tired of seeing it!! Thanks so much for sharing the ones from your family!! Good luck with your daughter's wedding plans!!! I don't suppose a black dress would be an option LOL!!!!!! But with todays' styles, it could be quite stunning, especially with a fitted bodice, off shoulder, string straps etc, it would be a brave bride to revisit that traditional colour I expect!!!!

  4. Congratulations!! How exciting.
    Love the wedding dress pictures.