Saturday, November 24, 2012

Whose Sue are You?

First of all, I want to wish all of you a belated Happy Thanksgiving! My week just got busier and less organized than I'd like and I missed posting earlier this week. Our family had a good day together and I hope you did too.

Yesterday, my husband and I were out looking for wedding supplies that we'll need for our daughter's wedding this spring. I need broken vintage "pearl" jewelry which can be repurposed and used in the table centerpieces so we stopped at several thrift stores. At the end of the day, I'd only found one necklace that would work but something happened which has never happened to me before! I seem to be saying that more often lately.

Look what I found - a vintage Sunbonnet Sue crib quilt! 

 Her bright pink sashing, hand quilting and embroidered embellishments called my name and I sure just couldn't leave her at Goodwill. I'd always be wondering what happened to her so I bought her. Sue is wearing some interesting fabrics which someone must have found ugly but are just my kind of style! So far, I have found no identifying marks and don't know how old she is but I'd guess from the 1970's. What do you think? Here are a few of my favorite blocks:

The back - looks like whoever made this Sue had to widen her backing and chose to bring it to the front to use for the binding too.

I wonder who made you Sue? Who took the time to pick out fabric for your dresses and bonnets? Who embroidered your bonnets and shoes? Whose baby did you wrap and keep warm? I hope you and the maker were loved and appreciated.

 Here's one of the reasons I've told my adult children to donate my quilts to the MCC sale to be auctioned when I'm no longer living. The price on this Sunbonnet Sue at Goodwill? $2.14 including tax.

Sue is now mine and will join my husband's Overall Bill/Sunflower Sue baby quilt. His is older (from the 50's) but I think they'll get along well! 

I didn't forget about my Hanky Panky post that I promised you - coming soon!


  1. How great that you found this quilt and were able to save it. I can't believe it was priced so inexpensively. Even though I do not like Sunbonnet Sue quilts, this one obviously had a lot of time put into it and suits you to a tee. I'm glad you found it... and I hope you find the vintage broken pearls you're looking for too.

  2. What an amazing find Mayleen!!! Glad to see this dear old quilt has found a loving home!!!!!