Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A most spiritual bug!

Since I'm busy working on my "confidential" project, I can't share my progress with you. Let's just say its slow, tedious work. Why can't I ever decide to make a quick, easy quilt?!?
So instead of quilting news, here's what's happening outside in my yard.
 Do you see my visitor?
 Last week, I noticed this Praying Mantis in whats left of my flower bed. Seeing it perched there took me right back to my grade school science project. I collected and mounted bugs for months (?) and the morning I was turn my project in, we found a Praying Mantis, as I recall, on our screen door. I have no idea what grade I received for my project or what my project even looked like but I do remember the excitement of finding the Praying Mantis. Funny what you remember from school days!
Yesterday, our high temperature was 90 degrees, tomorrow it will be in the mid 50's with a freeze warning for Friday. The flowers no longer look so pretty and the leaves have mostly blown away in our Kansas wind. It has been really windy the past few days. On Friday, anything that's still blooming will be frozen and soon everything will be brown. Brown is my least favorite color because it reminds me of the long winter months I'll spend waiting for spring colors.
Tomorrow, I'm going to bring in the pots of geraniums but unfortunately, I haven't been successful with overwintering them in the past. There are four plants - white, pink, hot pink and red. I'm not sure why I like geraniums so much. I do remember my grandmother having at least 8 of them in her south facing bedroom window. Perhaps its the memory of her that makes me like them. Guess which color is my favorite?

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