Friday, October 5, 2012

Time flies

Another week has flown by at my house!

 My beginners applique class project has been a struggle. This is my second attempt at all four hearts appliqued to the background. I was supposed to use needleturn and reverse applique techniques but after seeing the result, I started over and went back to using the template and starch method on most of the hearts. I doubt that I'll be making many applique quilts even though I would very much like to.
Wondering about this fabric combo? So am I!
Hint: Its for a project previously mentioned on this blog that I'm supposed to keep "confidential". ha.


  1. your hearts looks great! I hope you will make an applique' quilt - it's my favorite thing to do.
    Its good to try different methods but everyone should pick the one that works for them best.
    Your fabric group is very interesting!

  2. Finally trying to catch up with some of my blog reading Mayleen! I'm so with you as far as needle turn applique is concerned, it just doesn't work for me either, and yes I prefer your template/starch method too LOL!!! Just love your Jubilee quilt, your big stitch quilting looks great to me, I had to laugh about your hiccups with your embroidered initial, hope you're happy with it now.... Your 'confidential' combo of fabrics does indeed look interesting LOL!!! nice to catch up with what you've been doing, and congratulations on your new grandbaby too, such a cutie!

  3. your hearts look great. needle turn is not for everyone and it is okay to use the technique you like the most.