Friday, July 20, 2012

Please pass the pickles!

While I'm gathering the last few fabrics for my wallhanging, I've started hand piecing project#2. This is my very first curved piecing block, Pickle Dish, for a quilt by the same name from Kathy Doughty's book, "Making Quilts ... the promise of joy", published by Quiltmania.

Unfortunately, I wasn't very joyful as it all came together. You can probably see the wrinkle about half way down the football shape. I had made my own templates and somewhere there's a problem. I have never done well with templates so I've decided to try paper piecing this block and have drafted my own pattern.
The Pickle Dish quilt block is also sometimes called Indian Wedding Ring. Two different looks - one more modern and the other traditional. I'd really like to make both! The Pickle Dish quilt is in the "Making Quilts ... " book and the Indian Wedding Ring quilt is in the Quiltmania magazine, issue #89.

And then there's Pumpkin Peel on the cover of this book, "Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts" by Mary Elizabeth Kinch and Biz Storms. Its another one on my Someday List!

Mary Elizabeth Kinch has started a blog about quilts made with small pieces. Here's a link to it.

Too many quilts, too little time!

Until later, Mayleen


  1. Agreed! "Too many quilts, too little time! I"ve had my eye on a paper pieced pickle quilt, for many years. I may have to settle for it in a table topper! Good luck with the pickle dish!!

  2. You're amazing Mayleen - don't you ever make simple easy quilts? They can still be pink you know!

  3. Very good luck with your new project, I love the Pickle Dish design, I'm sure you will iron out any wrinkles in your technique Mayleen, I look forward to seeing more of these fabulous blocks! BTW I love the fabrics you are using in this too, beautiful!!!!!