Monday, April 23, 2012

Lanolin Love?

Can anyone tell me why Charlie likes Bag Balm?

The listed ingredients: B-Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate in a Petrolatum Lanolin Base. Is it the Lanolin? Its been too long since my college Biochemistry class for me to even guess what the chemical is! Charlie loves to rub his cheeks against my fingertips when I rub some of the Bag Balm on them. I'm curious why he's doing this so if anyone knows, please let me know.
By the way, please excuse my very messy desk!

I've been working hard big stitch quilting the clamshell quilt and here it is draped over the ironing board. Those are freezer paper templates which I quilt around in the hoop in the upper right hand corner. As of tonight, I've finished 8 full diamonds, only 5 more to go!


  1. I hope that is one of those tiny bag balm containers in the photo with Charlie. Otherwise, Charlie must be HUGE! I look forward to seeing all your quilts at our Common Threads Show soon.

  2. Sorry can't help w the bag balm - my cat loved tobacco (menthol).
    Thanks for showing the freezer paper templates. Your quilt is oh so lovely ;-)

  3. my cats like it too! so funny.
    Your big stitch is looking great on the clam shells!

  4. hhhmmmm . . . now i'm curious too.
    i haven't noticed our cats taking any special interest in bag balm . . .

    what a great method of marking the clamshell for quilting.
    can hardly wait for a bigger reveal of the quilting~!


  5. Aww Charlie is so sweet! Looks a lot like our shed cat Buffy. Sorry I can't help you with your bag balm question, no chem here =)

  6. Interesting about Charlie and the bag balm, he is so very sweet! And, the clamshells are looking good!

  7. Don't know about the balm! But I'm liking your clamshell quilt progress - it's looking great!!!