Friday, May 11, 2012

Flower Therapy

If this post doesn't make sense, its because I'm tired of quilting! Can't believe I wrote that but yes, I'm tired.

The quilt show is in roughly 5 1/2 weeks and I'm still quilting the clamshell quilt. Am working on the outer border now and still have some of the sashing to do too. Everything is taking longer than I thought and there seem to be a lot of interruptions but I keep at it.

Instead of showing you yet another picture of the quilt, here are some photos of flowers growing at my house and one more of Charlie. In other words, flower therapy. But first, a disclaimer. I'm not very good with plants except for weeds. This year seems to be a banner year for bindweed and sunflower plants, even more so than last year.

This poppy is growing on the north side of our garage. Apparently a bird planted the seed for me because last year, they were growing on the south side of the house.
They never seem to grow where I scatter the seed but they love to come up next to the foundation, in the lawn and this year there are several under the evergreen tree. I love their color and try to transplant them to a better spot when I can. Sometimes they even live after I transplant them!

Part of the Clematis vine - Jackmani, I think. By the way, the Butterfly Bush in the background is Charlie's favorite plant. ???

The Help.

For some reason, Charlie likes the garden hose too. I think we keep him around just because he has so many interesting quirks. He fits in fine with our family!


  1. it does seem like it takes forever working on a quilt

  2. what a nice gift form nature! i love your pink poppy and charlie looks like he's loving being outside!

  3. Your cat Charlie looks exactly like my Miss Mini!!! I haven't done much in the stitching department either lately, just can't seem to find the time, so many other things getting in the way! It may be slow going with the clamshell but when it's all done it'll look just wonderful!!!