Friday, April 13, 2012

Stitchin', stitchin', stitchin'

Keep those fingers stitchin'!

Just a quick post about my projects but first ...

I want to thank Linda from Flourishing Palms for awarding my blog the Liebster Award! Linda is a wonderful blog friend and someday before her move to Florida, we're going to meet in KC. Looking forward to that very much! My blog is officially a "No Award" blog but when Linda told me about the award, I really need some encouragement so again, my thanks.

Now back to quilting, you'll probably not be reading anything new on my blog for a few months. My life is just way too full right now taking care of my family and mom, quilt guild responsibilities and trying to get two quilts done in time for the June quilt show.

At our guild meeting on Tuesday, the president announced we are no longer able to withdraw quilts and I hope she was joking when she said they'd be displayed unfinished! I guess I could always call mine art quilts or folk art or maybe I'm just making a statement, ??? LOL

Here's the progress on my show quilts:

Clamshell quilt - I've begun big stitch quilting the clamshells. This is taking me a lot longer than I thought it would. Making those big stitches in a smooth curve isn't easy! The stitches on top look OK to me but underneath, not so good (if you can see them at all).

Rocky Road to Kansas - Is this a crazy quilt or an embroidered quilt? I'm sorry about the washed out photo. The gray is actually a little darker and the fabric used in the middle square is not quite so bright.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your clamshell quilting is looking amazing, I can imagine it would be slow going, so many clamshells.....but definitely worth it in the end!! Rocky Road block too has a lot of fine detail in it, I hope you get your projects finished in time for the show!! You have to prioritise Mayleen, we'll be here when you next post, take care and I hope all goes well for you!

  2. Your clamshell quilt is awesome. I love the colors in it. I see you must have found just the right color of perle cotton in KC. Quilting with perle cotton is something on my want-to-try list. Your RRtoK block is great and I'd call it crazy! And you are too, for doing it! LOL Thanks for linking to my blog. I'm so glad to call you friend. We must certainly meet - Yay! - since I will be in OP from May 3 to 19.

  3. Such a busy bee! Both are coming along very nicely. The perle cotton looks lovely and the embroidery is fabulous on the Rocky Road!

  4. great to see the stitching on the clam shell - wondderul!

  5. Your clamshells are stunning. Love the colors. I think big stitching is harder than some people thing ;-) Maybe because it shows more? Yours looks great.
    I admire your work!