Saturday, March 3, 2012

Y-seam Whine

No pictures for posterity. Just believe me, my Y-seams are bad, bad, bad. I read how to do it, watched U-tube videos and even understand how it should work. Still bad, bad, bad. Tonight I ripped out what I sewed in this morning. Just a little frustrated because I've been working on the Rocky Road to Kansas quilt most of the week. Its keeping me from working on Houses from Scraps and from my hexagon quilt too. Time to change the subject before I get even more frustrated!

What else has happened since my last post?

My Pfaff sewing machine got a transplant. I did not burn out the motor as I thought. The electronics in the foot pedal went bad and instead of waiting for a new pedal to be delivered, the shop replaced it with a used one (for now). After a tune up and another minor part replacement, my sewing machine is back to sewing. Meanwhile, I've sewn on a Viking and a new Pfaff and would like to try a Bernina before I make a decision about buying a new machine.

I just finished hand piecing the backing for the clamshell quilt and next up will be layering and basting it. This will be the first time I've ever thread basted a quilt, have always used safety pins. I'm not looking forward to leaning over the quilt to thread baste even though I'll be working on a table. Also, the orange perle cotton to utility stitch the quilt has arrived so it just moved up on my "To Do" list.

Speaking of my "To Do" list, I'm not going to let those Y-seams get the best of me. Maybe tonight I'll dream about how to make them perfect! Probably not. LOL


  1. Oh, I felt bad for you bout the Y seams.
    Have you tried making a little pencil dot, using a ruler for where you exactly want to stop?
    Sorry to hear about your machine. Mine has been gone for almost 7 weeks waiting for a part! :(

  2. I'm glad to hear you have your sewing machine back and that the problem wasn't as bad as expected! Now you can relax a little and take your time in choosing another machine - it's always good to have a back up anyway!!! I used to hate Y-seams, but I have them down pat now, just go slow, accurate cutting, 1/4" seam, and sometimes basting will help, good luck! because once you have it you actually love doing them!!!!

  3. Y-Seam Whine sounds like a title for a song! Or perhaps it would be a lament. So sorry to hear you're having such problems. It DOES sound like you need a change of projects for a bit. I've never utility stitched, but it sounds fun - probably just the ticket for making you feel cheery about quiltmaking again. Yes, DO try out a Bernina before you make any sewing machine decisions. Glad your Pfaff is running again, albeit, "hobbling along on a borrowed foot." LOL