Thursday, March 8, 2012

A rocky road, indeed

In my last post, I told you about not being able to piece the Y-seams (actually V-seams) accurately by machine or hand and had resorted to hand appliqueing them. One night after only 4 1/2 hours of sleep, I decided to try sewing them by machine again and it worked! Hate to think I will have to give up sleep to get good quilting results but it worked this time.

This is the Rocky Road to Kansas wallhanging so far. As you can see, its not totally pieced together yet and I'm planning to take apart the horizontal rows again today. Why?

Because I don't like what's happening in the picture above. Points not matching or cut off and wrinkles. There are lots of seams coming together there creating bulk which isn't helping.

When something doesn't turn out as I want it to, I usually ask myself if it will bother me of if I'll even remember it in a year? This will definitely bother me and I'll remember it in a year, possibly the rest of my life, so today I'm picking out and figuring out a way to get the points sharp and matching.

When this is finally pieced, I plan to embroider the seams with crazy quilt stitches and embroider in the middle squares. My question to you is, is this a crazy quilt or an embroidered quilt?

On another note - Its raining! Our winter has been quite dry, brown and warm here so the rain is very welcome. I usually get a lot of sewing/quilting done on rainy days so it would be OK with me if it rained for the next few days!


  1. What a very pretty quilt! That red is so striking! I like it and sure understand what you're saying about those points meeting. They're almost perfect, but like you, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if it wasn't absolute perfection. Maybe you can sew those points by hand. You have such great taste in color! I'd say it's a crazy quilt because I've seen old crazy quilts, in the south (Mississippi) that have words embroidered with the crazy stitches. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous quilt.

  2. Ah! now I see what you were talking about!!
    It's a great design and I agree these odd seams can be tricky! I would be like you and redo the uneven points, I figure it doesn't take that long to do at this time, but if left, then they would be like that forever and it would bother me to see them not even, but that is just me, I can be a bit pernickity sometimes LOL!!!!! Now to your question, is it a crazy, or embroidered quilt, well it could be both..... I love your idea to embroider stitching as you plan to do, it will certainly enhance the design and be very visually pleasing - oh! I hope you get rain....LOL!!!!

  3. Glad you over came the seams. I love this quilt and would like to make one someday. Your plan to embroider is wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. rain and y seams - darn!
    Well, I appreciate your efforts to get it your satisfaction. I really do. having said that, I think they look darn good, especially with those bold colors.
    Good luck - I'm rooting for you