Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Big Fat Pink Life

See this stack of bright pink forms?

These are membership forms for Wichita's Prairie Quilt Guild! This year, I agreed to serve as Membership Chair and for the past month I've been processing forms, over 400 so far. Our guild's membership has been over 700 in the past few years so just a few hundred more to go!

I have to ask you to do this.

OK now, repeat after me:

"I promise to fill out membership forms entirely. Yes, ENTIRELY!"

I feel so much better now that you've promised!

What's that you say? Speak up, don't mumble.

Pink, yes. Big stack, yes. Fat, huh?

Fat is what I'm going to be if I'm not careful.
Here's how I've been coping with the forms.

No indication whether its a renewal or new membership, eat an M&M.
Contact information missing: eat another M&M.
Can't read the writing: have an extra M&M.
Finished processing a membership form: reward yourself with an M&M (or two)!

Help, I've had to buy more M&Ms, the large economy size from Sam's. I'm no longer concerned if I'm eating them in ROY G BB order and very shortly, I'm going to have to spend quality time with the Mr. Treadmill and I absolutely dislike, abhor, dread the thought!

Be kind, fill out your guild's membership form completely, OK?!?
Membership committees everywhere thank you!


  1. Oh my! Now you simply MUST "go modern!" Save trees. Get those forms off of paper and on-line! It's w-a-y easier, and members can't leave blank or unreadable spaces. It's time to live in the 21st century, ladies.

  2. I got to your blog via Linda above, via Carla with Lollyquiltz before that. So anyway, I'm intrigued, especially when I read about your Low German. By the way, your proverb was the PERFECT thing for me to read today. My husband and I are Mennonite Brethren and met at Tabor College in Hillsboro. I couldn't get your email to open up, which is why I'm leaving this in the comment section instead. I hope you will contact me! And your quilts are awesome too.