Friday, October 21, 2011

Binding in my future

Can you guess what it is?

Last weekend, I picked up quilts from two machine quilters! Both quilts are beautifully quilted but quite different from each other in pattern and quilting.

You've seen my daughter's 30th. birthday quilt before while I was embroidering the blocks and machine piecing it. It was the first quilt I picked up and was machine quilted by Siriporn Hollar.

I'm in the process of binding it so if you look closely, you'll be able to tell the binding isn't tacked down on three of the sides yet. I like a narrow binding so I usually make a 2 1/4" bias binding. Whenever I make a straight binding, the quilt corners are pointy which is a pet peeve of mine. Even though a bias binding uses more fabric, I stick with what I know.

I was disappointed the large photo didn't show the machine quilting better but you can get an idea of the beautiful quilting on this photo of one of the blocks!

I'm sorry I wasn't able to wrestle this monster up to hang from the top of our bookcases for a better picture. Its the back of my queen sized Spiderweb Selvage Quilt! I'm only showing you the back this week because I haven't even begun to make the binding for it yet. As you can guess, I didn't have enough of the pink floral fabric so had to piece the back with two more blue fabrics and even more selvages. Pictures coming of the front when its bound next week.

Jan did a wonderful job quilting it. She's probably resting her arms this week after quilting all those little swirls! Check out her website for a look at the Prairie Quilt Guild's beautiful Opportunity Quilt. I've been trying to figure out how many tickets I need to buy so that I can win it at the Common Threads Quilt Show in Wichita next June!


  1. Oh, that is beautiful quilting! Can't wait to see your Spiderweb quilt, I'll be waiting and watching.

  2. I just love quirky backings!!!! This is just my cup of tea LOL!!!!! I agree the quilting is just beautiful on both quilts!!!!!!

  3. I can see a bit of the quilting on the Spider Web and it looks so nice. I've just begun a selvage project myself! I enjoy seeing what you're doing, and always like what you've made. Enjoy the quiet time of sit-down hand sewing binding.

  4. great quilt, love the selvages on the back!
    yes I make bias binding too! same size.
    works for me .

  5. Hi! Greetings from Finland! That quilt is so fantastic! Congratulations!!! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!