Saturday, May 28, 2011

Window Peeker!

Its been too long since I was here last!

I've been busy trying to make Little Red Riding Hood stop peeking in windows, wondering how to make Jack's beanstalk look less like a cornstalk and more like a beanstalk and, I think I just figured this one out, how to make a bowl of fake oatmeal! This weekend my goal is to paint Cinderella's pumpkin coach. This will involve glitter which I'll probably find all over the house for years!

I've been enjoying the flowers blooming in my garden and spending some relaxing time out on our deck. Here's a picture of my helper, Charlie. For those of you who are owned by a cat(s), do you find they have favorite plants? Charlie ignores the mint (in the same family as catnip) but loves the butterfly bush but only a certain one!

We've finally been getting some rain so everything looks nice and green.

I'm especially happy with the poppies this year. They reseed themselves wherever they feel like growing and usually not where I would like them to grow. Every spring, I find them in the lawn and under shrubs, right next to the house foundation, etc. This year I was able to get some started and bloom in the actual flower bed!

Clamshell update: I'm working on stitching the second diamond together for this month. However, there aren't many days left in the month so I don't know if I'll make my goal of finishing it.

Do you have a tradition of taking flowers to loved ones' graves on Memorial Day? I always enjoy stopping at an old family cemetery in the country. I do have a relative buried there but I'm more interested in another grave which is literally covered with flowers someone planted there years ago - irises, roses and several I can't identify. Someone must have loved this person very much to have planted the flowers and cared for her grave in this way. To me, it seems a wonderful way to be remembered.

Have a very happy and safe Memorial Day!


  1. Mayleen - your fairy tale characters are just wonderful - such dedication. You are such a busy person and yet so talented.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. You are certainly creative with the story book themed creations! I imagine it is quite time consuming! Little Charlie is a dear thing, my Miss Mini is an apricot/white cat too!!!
    Take care on your Memorial Day!