Sunday, January 2, 2011

PhD fun!

Time for a new start on my quilting projects so I've joined the PhD Quilt Challenge!

PhD stands for Projects Half Done and I know I have more than these three but I'm challenging myself to finish the following projects:

These are some of the blocks for the selvage quilt. I've pieced more blocks but don't have enough done yet to finish the quilt. It will be twin sized, at least. Thanks to everyone who has donated selvages! I'm hoping I have enough now to finish but I may need more later.

My second PhD challenge quilt is this clamshell quilt which I want to make into a queen size quilt. Its all hand pieced and progress just depends on how much time I have to stitch by hand. During October, I was able to complete 7 blocks but it took me all of November to finish the next block and here it is January and I'm still working on the last one. Pease ignore all the mess to the left. My quilting room is in serious need of reorganization and decluttering!

I've been working on this Quiltville mystery quilt lately when I've managed to find time to spend in my quilting room. The quilt is called "Roll Roll Cotton Boll". I'm struggling to get those string blocks done and I'm in the middle of piecing the rows of HSTs. This Friday, Bonnie Hunter will reveal the next step which I think will be a pieced border. Help, I feel like I'm falling further and further behind! As with the other projects, just not enough time to piece lately.

I'm for sure not getting anywhere fast when I make mistakes like the one in the block above. I was so pleased I hadn't chopped off any of the points on the HSTs that I didn't notice for quite a while that something was wrong! How could I have missed that? I really hate to pick out seams but I fixed it and have been careful, so far, to not repeat that mistake.

I'll be checking back in weekly to let you know how I'm doing on the challenge. I want these quilts finished by the end of June but if they were done tomorrow, it would be even better! There's always another project lurking in my brain but why have they all been bed sized lately?!?

So many quilts, so little time.


  1. you are many quilts, so little time

  2. Had to laugh, our family has always said PHD was for "Piled Higher and Deeper!" Something you don't want your UFO's to be!

  3. What a great UFO challenge. I think all your projects are worthy - Love the selvage one especially.
    I vote leave the mistake in cotton boll quilt - it's fun!

  4. Marlene, you have been one very productive lady! I am so impressed with your clamshell quilt, and RRCB. Wow! You've really been aggressive at getting all those HSTs sewn. I've been working on them and they seem endless, don't they? I actually used up all of an ugly red, and now have to find another suitable one.

    All the best with your PhD challenge. I work best without such a guillotine, and will plod along as time permits. Thanks for sharing your progress. You go girl!