Friday, January 21, 2011

:( Unhappiness is ...

... gray overcast skies,

waking up with an achy hip,

family drama,

and then there's this:

"This" means I will need to take off all four of the borders it took me all week to sew on. Sew on correctly, I thought, ha. If you can't see what's wrong, the corner unit is supposed to match up to the side borders but its off by quite a bit so no amount of stretching or easing would work. Trimming or sewing the seams deeper would only make the squares obviously smaller than the others so all that is left (unless someone can offer me a miracle fix) is to pick out all of the border seams and try again.

I wanted to share this frustration with you just to show some of the newer quilters and the people who read this blog just for the eye candy that not all always goes well and perhaps not all is even fixable.

This morning when I saw what I'd done, I really wanted to wad the whole quilt top into a ball, stuff it into a grocery bag, stomp on it a few times and toss it onto my P.I.G. (Projects In Grocery bag) pile. However, I hate to give up so it will not be a P.I.G., at least not today.

Since then, I've pounded out some of my frustration and unhappiness on the treadmill and I've decided to pick out the border seams and try again. I'm going to "treat" myself to a new seam ripper and go to it tomorrow. Believe it or not, I've still been using the seam ripper I got for my high school home ec sewing class until now because I can't find another one I like. Those of you who know me can calculate how old that ripper must be! I'm just amazed it still cuts thread.

Since I've told you what unhappiness at my house is and I don't want to leave anyone in that frame of mind, go over to Loft Creations to see what happiness is!


  1. You could just resew that middle seam on the corner unit. i'd be tempted to see if it looks ok instead of all that ripping. Good luck.

  2. Mayleen - I hope you didn't do this just to make me feel better. :)

    I can't believe you need a new seam ripper. This just speaks to how infrequently you rip things out.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. Oh dear - i feel for you! The only thing I can say is do what is required now to love it always and not regret not doing it. Does that make sense? It's such a wonderful quilt it's worth the effort. I always buy 2 rippers at a time - let's you know how I do things....
    hang in there

  4. Sorry for your sewing mishap. I've had my share...poor directions for making a draw string bag--3 times! Your quilt is worth fixing. Love the deep colors. Perhaps you need to hug a warm puppy.