Friday, August 6, 2010

Its scary in there ...

... and that's why the door is closed to my sewing room!

I took the Process Pledge so I'll tell you its a messy process in there with three projects + going at the same time! There are selvages every where, strips in a neat stack (at this point) and clamshells divided by color. There's also fabric that's waiting to be cut into strips and then clamshells. Trying to be organized but its a challenge for other family members to find the ironing board!

However, it is not this bad! This "100 Ways to Hide Your Stash" You-Tube video is by Cathy Miller, the Singing Quilter. At least my selvages and fabric are not falling out of the microwave!

This afternoon, I added more confusion to the sewing room by making a large crazy quilt block for me to stitch on tomorrow at Threshing Days in Goessel. I'm doing a crazy quilt embroidery demonstration there.

I recently read an article about copyright issues for quilters in a McCalls Quilting magazine. Anyone else read it? If its correct, we will have to check with the quilt designer before we can post photos of our finished projects on our blogs. As I understand the article, before we can enter a quilt into a judged quilt show (for prize money), we would also have to get the designer's permission. I'm probably not being very clear but if you can find the magazine, read it.

To end this post on a happier note, look what's blooming in my flower bed! This spring, I dug up some orange daylilies at my mother's apartment to transplant into my flower bed. The others all bloomed orange much earlier but this pinkish purple one is just now blooming. Interesting that my mother never had daylilies this color.

I also accidentally brought home a white hibiscus plant and a blue morning glory plant which is starting to vine everywhere! Most people wouldn't get excited about morning glories since they're sometimes considered a weed but I've never been able to get them to grow until now. If I could only get hollyhocks to grow and bloom!


  1. I read the same article. I wonder how the "angel policy" works with those rules. I feel that since I make most of my quilts from my own design or pattern, or a variation of a common quilt pattern, that I am probably okay. Would love to see other's comments on this and learn from their experience

  2. Mayleen - I'm dying to see what is behind that closed door. (Microwave stash? That's a bit too much.)

    I agree with Andra, I always make my own designs and they never end up where they start anyways.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. I read that article, and then read it again, and read it again. I'm having a very hard time getting my mind around these laws. Am I the only one who's never heard this stuff before?

  4. Can't be any worse than mine it at the moment!
    I love hollyhocks. I had some but now they are gone.
    The copy right info is interesting. Do we need permission to show our quilts at guild show and tell? seems to getting to be a bit much. Especially when one considers how many actually "newly designed" quilts there are. There are a lot of "re-designed" antiques or just new ways to set blocks, that's my opinion, anyway.

  5. Mayleen, I just visited your blog as promised and decided to post my comment here so you would see it. I so admire your tumbling blocks quilt. It is one of Kathy Tracy's patterns I want to attempt. Your execution is fabulous.

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