Sunday, September 2, 2018

A new quilting direction

 "Bison Beauty" made by Mayleen Vinson 2018, photo credit: Original American Bison Cow photograph, copyright David J. Drew, used with permission.

 I've always wanted to make a pictorial art quilt so when I saw the bison photo online, I knew it was time. The photographer gave me permission to use his photo of the American Bison Cow taken at Maxwell Wildlife Refuge near Canton, Kansas as inspiration for this pictorial art quilt.

Bison Beauty is fusible appliqued (not a panel) using a variety of batik fabrics and densely thread painted. I stitched over wool roving to create the fur on the top of her head and accented the clouds with yarn fibers. I estimate about 180 hours total work from start to finish.

I'm not a machine quilter and had only done walking foot quilting before so this was a challenge. Worth it though because Bison Beauty won a blue ribbon at my local quilt guild's recent quilt show!

Although I agonized over color and stitching, making this pictorial art quilt was so much fun that I've decided to make another wildlife art quilt. I hope to share it with you later this fall. Is anyone interested in seeing step by step progress? I'll still be making bed and wall quilts but maybe Bison Beauty is taking me on a new quilting direction!

Until next time, Mayleen


Liberty said...

I love it! Yes I want too see your progress. Excuse me for my language, I'm French

Roxanne said...

I would love to see step by step process. This is a beautiful quilt!!

Janice Holton said...

180 hours! Wow! This really is a work of art and I would be VERY interested in hearing about your process. :)

The Inadvertent Advocate said...


Evie said...

Spectacular! Your quilts are so diverse. You are a quilt master.

audrey said...

Wow! So fascinating to see the details. Good for you making this happen! Gotta do the things that make us most happy.:)

Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning work!