Sunday, May 28, 2017

300 pins

We spent part of yesterday blocking my Free Spirit Artisan Fabric Challenge quilt. Approximately 300 pins are holding it in place to dry into a nice square quilt with mostly straight borders. Does this mean I'm done with it? No, lots more to do. The entry deadline is June 2 and unless something unexpected happens, I should come close to finishing. 

The theme of the challenge contest is the harmony of color and texture. I don't know if my quilt does that but I like it and it makes me happy.

This weekend while my quilt continues to dry, we will celebrate Memorial Day remembering relatives who are no longer with us and enjoying a meal with family. I hope that you will also spend some time in remembrance and thankfulness for what others have done for us!

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. Hey Mayleen, your interest in low German caught my attention. I am first generation Canadian, my parents were born in the Ukraine (mom) and Paraguay(dad). They spoke low German fluently, but taught us kids only high German. I can understand low German, but can't speak it. Edie in Ontario

  2. So glad you've found a little bit of your quilting spark again.:) Can't wait to see the whole quilt!