Friday, April 3, 2015

This past week

 "Mustard & Ketchup"
Because of guild stuff and Easter preparations this past week, it was difficult to motivate myself to work on my UFO's so I tried once again to master the first border of "Mustard & Ketchup". This is the closest I've come to getting the pieced diamonds fussy cut and the diamonds to actually look right. However, the camera doesn't lie and I see some rework needs to happen. 

One thing I've been challenging myself to work on lately is to become more spontaneous in quilting. In other words, don't drive myself and others crazy by over thinking fabric and design choices!

  I'm trying to do that on this quilt guild BOM and am not sure I like this approach at all. I'm reserving judgement until the project is finished but that's at least 5 months in the future. I would love to go back and make every thing match, fix mistakes, choose better fabrics, etc. Guess I want to be in control and not be surprised!

For some reason, I also can't motivate myself to finish binding Pumpkin Peel. I'm about half done and think I'm going to have to make myself do a little every day. And then there's the sleeve...

The bird is still in the quilt. No decision on my part yet and I think I'm avoiding it. If I don't do something soon, this project will go back into the UFO box.

 Why I thought I needed to get another UFO out, I don't know but here's another one. All I need to do is finish hand quilting the border and tack down the binding. Is that all, lol? I admire hand quilting but because I don't choose to do it very often, I'm not proficient or very fast at it.
When I began this project I don't know how long ago, I hadn't discovered reproduction fabrics yet so this wall hanging has a little bit of most everything in my stash at that time. I'm surprised I used so much yellow which is a color I don't use very often. It has quite a few creases from being folded and put away so for now, I've pinned it up on my design wall hoping that the creases relax.

As you can see, my quilting this week has been a little of this and that. I feel like I'm jumping from one project to the next making little progress. I'm looking forward to more productive quilting time this coming week!

Have a happy and meaningful Easter, Mayleen


  1. The flower garden BOM is lovely. I love the mix/match of fabics and using the squares on point to make flowers is fantastic. Leave it fixin'

  2. You are so close on many of these, just keep at it!

  3. I think you are wise to do a little on each and rotate. Before you know it, you will have some finishes. These are all great quilts!

  4. I feel like a frog in my sewing room sometimes too,jumping from one project to another. But, if it makes us happy - why not. Your quilts are beautiful. I especially love your mustard and ketchup, which is funny because they are not my usual colors. See, you've inspired me already. Thanks!

  5. I love your Pumpkin Peel and the quilting is lovely. Same with the strings, I'm working on some similar pieces right now, so this was a good blog stop this morning to get me motivated! Love your use of color, that Mustard and Ketchup are my two fav colors to work with!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time! Wish I could have joined you. All your work is stunning! Can't wait to see what's next. D.G. L