Thursday, March 5, 2015

Almost done

I am so close to finishing this UFO top!

Today I finished appliqueing the last arcs onto the background.

Tried to lay the block out flat and no surprise, I've stitched a fold in. I thought I was being careful but I guess not. In the past, I've appliqued blocks to my jeans and even to my finger once. Didn't even notice till I tried to put the block down.

It was a minor fix so I went on to fix a few other things.

 Do you see the flat spot between the two pins in the upper photo? The lower photo shows my fix.

The white blotch on the lower tip really bothered me but it took me a week to decide I was going to fix it and how to do it.

Undid my applique stitches, hand stitched a small piece of fabric onto one side of the tip, trimmed off the excess shirting fabric, hand stitched the seam and needle turned the edges under.

I can't say I'm totally satisfied with my fix but I'm fairly sure I'm not going to redo this one!

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. I had the same things happen. I thought I was being careful too! Looks great can't wait to see your feathers.

  2. This really stands out with the red background fabric. The 2 whites next to each other would probably bother me, I think you did a good repair. I love the book that this came out of---would like to make most of them!! Happy stitching

  3. You are a perfectionist in your stitching! Funny about stitching your finger - I think I've done that before too!

  4. The red background really makes this one beautiful.
    I have a hard time finding anything you might have needed to fix. It just looks beautiful to me.

  5. sensational! Love the red background with all those scrappy fabrics. Yum!

  6. This is gorgeous! I would love to make this quilt sometime. Love your red background!

  7. Oh yes, I've stitched my finger before too.:) Really great fix. I think the little bit of blue adds the perfect touch!