Wednesday, April 2, 2014

LE - Part 4

 Update on LE Part 4 - Seems like every time I thought I'd added all the stems and leaves, there was one more I'd missed! I still need to applique the vase and the four hearts on either side of the vase. Of course, there are still bits and pieces to finish from Part 3. Sometimes catching up to the current Part 10 seems overwhelming but a little stitching here and a little there and I hope to get there!

I'm really glad I made the stems and some of the leaves for Part 5 at the same time I did Part 4. For me, the flowers are the fun part! Just looking at the pattern, I'd say that Part 5 is not as detailed as Part 4 so maybe I can finish it before Part 11 is released. 

And that is a big maybe since spring is here! For the past few days, I've been tidying up the flower beds and there seems to be more to do. Of course, the weeds are growing just as quickly as the flowers. It always amazes me how well weeds can grow in drought situations. I'm happy to say, though, that there are no weeds on my quilts!  

Until next time,


  1. Your LE is coming along nicely, so pretty.
    Don't feel rushed, enjoy the ride. I am still working on the compass. Next on my list is the triangles and the background marking. I started over a month ago.

  2. It is gorgeous, Mayleen. I love the dotted background you are using!

  3. Just beautiful, it doesn't matter when you finish, you'll get there eventually!

  4. Just beautiful Mayleen. I have been stalled since I finished part 7. I dread starting those zigzags again!

  5. Mayleen your LE centre is looking so lovely, each flower is a little gem your needle work is amazing. I have just started vase 3 but i still have work to do on 4 and 5 but I enjoy jumping from one place to the other. I have been working on my next border of Zig Zags its very slow and time consuming but I find making them very satisfying. I think the best part of LE quilters from all around the globe are working on it and still new members join each week and are starting to make it so there is all ways some one a long way behind us but it does not matter where we are as long as we are loving the journey. . Cheers Glenda