Friday, February 14, 2014

Its the 14th again!

Before I show you all the stuff I found to get rid of as part of my "14 on the 14th. in 2014" challenge, here's what I've been working on today. Since I paper pieced the diamonds, I've been removing the paper today. What a tedious job! Still have a quarter of the star to do before I can stitch it together and add the side and bottom triangles.

OK, here's the latest pile of stuff from my sewing room and there's lots more to come. Some of it was tossed but most of it will be donated. I think I'm becoming like my parents' generation because I've been saving everything from used mailers to mystery items like this:

I remember (vaguely) that I made this "tool" from a plastic milk carton for a specific project but I have no idea what. Must have been something I thought I might use again! I'm curious so any ideas?

Until next week, Mayleen 

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  1. Love your selvedge Bethlehem Star quilt. How do you manage to obtain so many selvedge strips? Sorry, I have no idea what that tool would have been used for.