Monday, February 10, 2014

It all started with ...

... some selvages!

This is the first selvage quilt I made from an online pattern called The Red Zinger at the Selvage Blog. I called my version "The Little Red Zinger" because I reduced the size of the pattern. It was one of my entries into the 2010 Common Threads Quilt Show in Wichita, Kansas.
 Not totally understanding how to make a selvage project, I used the stitch and flip method instead of just putting the raw edge of the fabric under the previous selvage and then stitching. I can laugh at myself now trying to keep all the edges straight and stitching those tiny, tiny seams! 

Two years later, I decided to go bigger! I saw a selvage spiderweb quilt on Jacquie Gering's blog . My version is called "the Parlour's Tin Ceiling Quilt" because the machine quilting makes me think of the old tin ceiling designs.
Jan Hutchison from did the quilting. I entered it into the non-judged portion of the 2012 Common Threads Show and it was picked by one of the Celebrity Judges to receive a ribbon! I was really very surprised.

So, this June is our 2014 Common Threads Show and to carry on the tradition of entering a selvage quilt, I'm currently working on a selvage version of an antique string Bethlehem Star Quilt. It should be finished and ready to go to the machine quilter within the next couple of weeks.

Here it is so far -

It will not be bed sized (thank goodness!) but will be a large wallhanging when finished. I've never made a Star of Bethlehem (also called Lone Star) quilt and I'm learning all about inset seams. Let me say that some of mine are better than others! It still needs its borders which are going to be fun.

When I'm finished with the selvage star quilt, I will still have selvages left over. I actually have another selvage quilt started which I've already named "Selvage Streaker" and have another one bouncing around in my brain called "Miss Hiss Goes Amiss". Its safe to say that I will never get all of my ideas stitched!

Meanwhile on the traditional quilt front, I've begun working on my version of "Love Entwined" again. I had to put it aside so I could finish "Phebe" and get her to the quilter in time. I haven't worked on LE since August (?) and all this time, its been hanging on my secondary design wall.

The more I looked at it, the more I didn't like it. The blue triangles were overpoweringly blue so I unpicked them and those little daisies too. I've been drawn to Jane's LE at and have decided to try the scrappy look myself!

I'm just now working on the zigzag border and have begun the daisies. I really dislike stitching those daisies, very fiddly. This coming weekend, LE part 9 will be released and then I will only be 7 parts behind. Its quite daunting to look at how much applique I have to do until I'm caught up!

Phebe should be back from the machine quilter soon and then there'll be the binding and label to stitch on. I'll post photos of her finished self as soon as I can.

Until next time, Mayleen

PS - If you are missing your cold, gloomy, snowy weather, it was delivered to my house and has been here for over a week. I keep getting fresh installments. Please advise me of your address so I can forward it to you!


  1. I'm at the same point with my LE. I've finished the little daisies (and you're right, they are very fiddly). I only have one edge of the zigzag done so far. It's good to know others are this far behind :)

  2. Your selvage lone star is wonderful! I really think you need to find more projects to work on Mayleen, instead of sitting around twiddling your thumbs. LOL Do you ever sleep?

  3. All your selvage quilts are beautiful, I've never done one. Good luck. I really like your colors for your LE. And of course I can not wait for Miss Phebe herself. So glad I have found your blog.

  4. so fun to see your past and present selvage quilts! love the new one!!

  5. Wow! I love all your selvage quilts. Beautiful!

  6. Oh WOWWW I really like your selvage quilts especially your first one. So glad you have been able to get back to your LE and yes your scrappy Zig Zags are perfect, Jane is such a inspiration to so many of us. I hope you keep on working on your LE as I love the colours you are using. Happy stitching Cheers Glenda

  7. so cool. I never got the attraction of selvages til now!!

  8. I just printed off LE part 9 and have yet to start part 1.
    I am thinking of making it as a wedding gift for my granddaughter Elly (LE)
    and since she is only turning 2 on Tuesday I think I still have lots of time.

  9. Sure enjoy seeing your old and new selvage projects. I'm such a sucker for them. Great work, Mayleen.