Thursday, November 14, 2013

Phebe's Flowers & Foliage

Staying home because of my cold has given me more time to embroider!

Just in case, anyone else is considering adding embroidery to their Phebe quilt, here are some details about the flowers and foliage I've finished or partly finished. Click on the photo for a closer look! 

The blue Coxcomb (or is it a Morning Glory?) has a laced backstitch run around the outer edge and a back stitch next to cream print. I used the Chain Stitch on its foliage.

The pink flower actually should have 10 petals but I chose to give it only 8 since I'm fairly new to applique. Both it and the red flower in the center have simply been backstitched with red or pink. Sue Spargo's book, "Creative Stitching" gave me the idea for this flower center's embroidery. The leaves have been embroidered with a Feather Stitch.

The blue fussy cut flower is only partly finished. Its four inner petals have French Knots on the design in the fabric and I still need to Backstitch around the outer petals. Those are French Knots made with Perle Cotton around the edges of the leaves.

The Red Gingham flower is the same shape as the pink flower. It still needs its Pearl Stitch around the outer edge. I've gone blank but I think that's called a Lazy Daisy stitch around the center with French Knots on top. The design on its leaves is a simple stem stitch following the design of the fabric.   

Enough of all that. Most of these are very basic embroidery stitches and if you click on the photo, you can see them better for yourself instead of me trying to explain them to you!

When I embroider, I like to work sitting at my lowered ironing board. I can spread out my floss and use the ironing board as a very large pin cushion! Here you can see my fairly new, clean ironing board cover which probably won't be that way for long.

I've been putting off finishing a part of the applique border until now. (Ignore that yellow blotch, I think its my shadow as I took the picture.) 

This bird and another one like it almost became an Apteryx, something found only in a comic strip here in the States! Next time I'll tell you how the birds have fared.

Until later, Mayleen


  1. I just love how this is coming together. The embroidery really adds a special and unique touch to Phebe.

  2. I love your work! Great idea about the ironing board.

  3. I love the embroidery, Mayleen! As a matter of fact I hadn't seen it before on Phebe's appliques, but I like it very much, it is so beautiful!

  4. The embroidery really adds such wonderful definitions to your applique, I love it!!!! This really will be a special quilt when it's all done!!!!