Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rain, rain come again!

This week has flown by and the best news is that we received two inches of rain! When you're in a drought situation, that is very good news. For some reason, I get a lot more quilting done on rainy or overcast days. Not sure why that is but I hope we receive more rain to keep chipping away at the drought conditions and yes, so I get more quilting done. ha.

I spent some time with Phebe and made 20 more Ohio Star blocks, only 34 more to go! These are really time consuming blocks for me to make or perhaps I'm moving in slow motion. Also started the next applique border as you can see in the picture. I've been doing some embroidery on the center panel too.

I decided that one day a week I will give myself permission to have some playtime so here's block #2 of my Pine Burr wallhanging. I'm trying to decide if the Kaffe Fassett fabric to the right of it would be a border possibility. Actually, I just really like that fabric and I'm trying to justify buying and using it in something! I do like the blue polka dot but not the chevron fabric. Of course, this may all change before I get the nine blocks done. Even though my daughter liked the first block, I highly doubt that my kids will fight over this quilt when I'm gone!

Yes, its that time again! Time to make a selvage quilt for my guild's 2014 quilt show. I've entered one in the past two shows and last year's won a "Celebrity Judge" award or whatever it was officially called! Anyway, I have a tub stuffed with selvages and I think I have finally settled on three design possibilities. Just one project will probably not use them up so it looks like multiple selvage quilt projects are called for. I'm beginning the first which will need longer strips of selvages and then want to make one of the two other possibilities. Any guesses what I'm making? Linda knows but I hope she won't tell!

Until next time, Mayleen

PS - Sunflower Quilts, a traditional quilt shop, is the closest quilt shop to where I live. Its where I purchased the gray and pink fabric and I'm sure at least a few of the selvages came from there too!


  1. My goodness!! You really have made a dent in those Ohio star blocks, they are looking wonderful!!! The Pine Burrs blocks look most interesting, I think the novelty value of them is their greatest gift!!!!
    Glad you finally got some rain, up here we're quite sick of it already!!!!!!

  2. your so busy with such fun projects. the design wall looks great and your stars are wonderful! Can't wait to see the new selvedge quilt - how fun!!

  3. All of your projects are beautiful, exciting and lovely! It is so nice to follow your blog!

  4. Ooo yes. I know; I know. I won't tell... but I can be bribed! It will be a stunning selvages quilt!

  5. Hmmm. A hint perhaps? It can have something to do with rain.