Friday, June 14, 2013

Phebe - a deadline!

Its becoming more and more difficult to motivate myself to work on Phebe. I think its because I don't like the quality of my work. I've been working on this one border for several weeks now and today I forced myself to finish the leaves. I also made 7 Ohio Star blocks, only 28 more to go.

To help get myself back on track I made arrangements to have Phebe custom quilted by Jan in fall, possibly as early as September. I know Jan through Prairie Quilt Guild in Wichita and she'll do a wonderful job on Phebe. I just hope she doesn't laugh when she sees my applique, sigh.

 So, I'm going to have a deadline breathing down my neck! That will be motivation, I'm sure. I'm also going to blog about Phebe every Friday so if you notice I'm not around, please feel free to keep me accountable!

OK, all readers - an addition to this post:
How do you motivate yourself to keep on working on a project when you'd rather discretely put it in a box and hide it in the closet?!? Suggestions gladly taken!


  1. I do not see a problem at all. The border looks good. It's obvious that you intend to add some more flowers but I truly do not see the problem. I really like the Ohio Stars and your color choices.

  2. You're too hard on yourself - I'm sure your applique is beautiful. But if you don't stay on schedule I will have to get out my cattle prod! I'm expecting a phinished Phebe in September.

  3. I am sure you quilter will do what all good quilters do when she sees your applique ---- she will "quilt it out". LOL. Looks fine to me.

  4. Well, I think your work looks lovely. Must be something about this qult though, cause I have tried starting it several times but for some reason can't get into it. I love it and yet something holds me back, weird!

  5. Do just what you said, put it in a box and hide it in a closet for an amount of time. Work on something else or just rest from quilting a bit. Soon you'll feel like getting Phebe out again and looking at it, the urge to keep going will overtake you and you'll finish her.Beautiful quilt, I love it!

    Good luck
    Annie : )

  6. Sometimes I think we are our own worst enemy! Some of us put a very high standard on our work and if we feel we don't measure up we want to throw in the towel on a project, preferably throw a towel over it LOL!!!!
    I'd say keep the project on your sewing table, so everytime you enter the room you either have to work on it, or physically move it out of the way to get to something else. Keep it in your visual field all the time, so you know that the only way you can move it on, is to finish it!!!! I'm sure your applique isn't as bad as you think, you haven't seen mine yet LOL!!!! That's why I steer away from applique, I love the look of it but never feel as if I have mastered it. Just think back to quilt shows you have been to, and have closely examined some of the applique quilts, does all the work look so immaculate, or does it look as if someone has tried their best.....think about that......I'm a great one to lecture LOL, but each time you do something you do get a little better at it, (I should take a leaf out of my own book!!!) Now that you have a deadline, give yourself a schedule of so many hours per day or week, and then work on something else in the meantime, give yourself a break Mayleen, I'm sure this quilt will turn out to be one of your favourites...... It's looking great so far, all the best......

  7. A picture of Phebe was in my Bloglovin list of blogs to read. I kept on wanting to skip to it, as it was 'calling' me. I think your quilt is gorgeous, and I would love to make one just like it. I am trying to be strict with myself and not start anything new, but I have broken this promise TWICE this month, so I will just drool over your quit!!

  8. Dear Mayleen, Your Phebe is so absolutely beautiful! You are so hard on yourself... Just put Phebe away for a while, if she doesn't give you the pleasure she should. After some time she will be your favorite again!

  9. Hi Mayleen,

    I think like the rest of us your a perfectionist. When I'm having a hard time reconciling my work i always think back to the ladies who inspire us. They didn't have the light or the time we have or the fabrics or the information and freedom that we do. Their work wasn't mathematically correct or sewn perfectly every time. Yet we treasure those quilts and their efforts.

    I think on them and it does help to keep me motivated and to forgive my own little inadequacies :)

    Quilts are not meant to be perfect they are meant to be loved.
    Keep going Mayleen,

    It looks lovely, its one of my favourite Phebes.