Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Beginnings

 Steven and Micaela King
married March 16, 2013

Remember the blue jars I baked? This is what they became - part of the table centerpieces at the wedding. Our daughter wanted a rustic garden theme at the reception and I hope we were able to create that with the moss, rock, wood slice, flowering branches, etc. This is not the church activity center where the reception took place. This is my dining room (the uncluttered half). Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the wedding and am trusting the photographer got some good shots!

This is a wedding wish card that guests filled out for the new couple. Made those with the help of one of my daughter's friends. They set on the tables at the reception and guests hung their cards on two tree branches we'd painted with blue glitter. This was definitely a DIY kind of wedding.

After the wedding, my husband and I were emotionally and physically tired but are now mostly recovered and have everything returned to the rental places. I'm trying to sort and condense down wedding stuff into boxes which will go somewhere in the basement.

Speaking of new beginnings ... ! 

I didn't need a new quilting project but after spending 3 months immersed in wedding details and no quilting since early December, I WANTED a new project! Can you guess what I'm making?

Details coming soon (if I don't get too embarrassed about the quality of my work)! This is definitely going to be a stretch of my quilting abilities.


  1. Looks like you are starting one of my favorite quilts, "Phebe". When I finally finish the unpacking of my new home I plan to reward myself by starting it myself!

  2. What a great idea with the marriage advice cards for the guest to leave a note. Looks like a happy couple. I am sure you are happy that all the wedding stuff is done and that you can get back to your love of sewing.

  3. Take a deep breath, in through the nose and slowly blow it out over your lips!! You did it; created a beautiful wedding for your daughter! Congratulations to all!
    Welcome back to the quilting/sewing world! I have no idea what your project is, but did google "phebe quilt" that Heather suggested in the previous post and sure enough that has the look of the beginnings of a Phebe!

  4. I have never seen these Wedding Wishes cards before!! What a great idea, it makes for such a personal gesture on their special day!!!!
    I love the simplicity of the table decorations too!
    Your new sewing project looks intriguing Mayleen, can't wait to see where this goes LOL!!!!!

  5. How wonderful that you all had a beautiful wedding! The bride and groom look perfect together. And wow... so much work for you! I can sure understand, from all you've described, how much of yourself you put in to making it such a beautiful event. Moms do that for their daughters, don't they? I'm glad that it's now time for Mayleen, and what she wants to do! Enjoy your new project. I'll be watching.

  6. Beautiful wedding photo! what a lovely couples, wishing them much happiness.
    I loved the idea of your wishes tree!
    I'd love to have DIY wedding for one of my kids.
    Can't imagine what you've started, lol

  7. Congratulations on the wedding. I think your new beginning is Phebe by Di Ford - what a wonderful challenging quilt.

  8. What a beautiful couple Mayleen, congratulations! I know exactly what you have started and I wish you well!!!!