Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello Quilting World ...

... I sure have missed you!
Last November I would have had no idea that a stressful Christmas season would give way to a self-imposed exile from the quilting world. For nearly two months, I didn't even check out the blogs I usually read.
Life happened and it seemed to happen over and over again. Perhaps I'll share a little about the past few months in a future blog post but for now, here are a few projects I've been working on.

 My daughter is getting married in less than 2 weeks. Things are crazy around here and the wedding supplies are starting to make my house resemble a warehouse!
This is a moss covered initial "K" which is the first letter of her new name. Those are pink rhinestones, not sure what happened to the one which seems to be green?!? I think I have had my fill of working with moss. Give me good old cotton quilting fabric any day!

I also made this moss covered basket for the wedding bubbles. Notice the moss caught in the tulle. I've given up trying to keep the moss pieces from attaching themselves to anything and everything. If my daughter is smart, this basket and the "K" will go straight to the trash after the wedding. Who wants to vacuum up pieces of moss every day?

Here's something else I made for the reception - a collage of the bride's parents' and grandparents' wedding photos. I also made one of the groom's family and another of the wedding couple's engagement photos. Yes, thats my husband and I in the upper right corner. Perhaps I'll share the entire photo display later. The blue is actually leftover bridesmaid dress fabric and the frames all came from Goodwill. None of them match but a coat of cream colored and a coat of fine glitter paint ties them together. 

 This topiary is destined for the Hors d'oeuvres table.

These are the crepe paper roses which decorated the church at my parents' wedding in 1948. My mom saved them all these years and when we cleaned out her farmhouse, they came home with me. We hope to use the best ones to decorate an arbor in the reception area.

Much more going on here to tell you about, most of it wedding related.
 I'll be back soon, hopefully working on a quilting project!


  1. I am sure you have been and will be busy with this wedding. There is so much work in putting a wedding together and then it is over so quickly. I sure hope you find time to get back to your love of sewing soon. Enjoy the wedding.

  2. Welcome back to blogland! I love the photo collages you have created, how clever to use some bridesmaid's fabric in the framing. Hope everything goes well for the wedding.

  3. Oh so happy to have you back, Mayleen! I was really getting worried and would have called out the hounds (sent an e-mail just to let you know I was thinking about you)soon. Yes life has a way of complicating plans no matter how well intended. Once again welcome back and good luck with all the wedding activities.

  4. So nice to hear from you again!! I know what it's like when life takes over in a big way.....
    Good luck with the wedding preparations, I just love the wedding photo collage idea, that's a keeper!!!!

  5. Welcome back, Mayleen! I hope you are all well. Lots of success with the wedding preparations!