Monday, September 10, 2012

Simply Needle and Thread Challenge

I'm checking in after one week of Bonnie Hunter's One Hour a Day of Simply Needle & Thread Challenge!

I thought you might like to see some of the fabric I used. Bugs seem very appropriate to include in my garden quilt as there seem to be a lot of grasshoppers in my flowerbed, on the deck, the front porch, in the garage ... well, just about everywhere except in the house (yet). Not sure when I bought that fabric or for which project but like I said, its appropriate. By the way, the top middle fabric reminds me of bindweed which is also very present in my garden. Grrrr.
In last week's post we were supposed to tell about things like where we quilt. I didn't do that so here it is this week.
This is one of my unglamorous hard working sewing areas. I use my ironing board as a table and pin cushion. Everything is close by including lots of other projects in the works! Those neat stacks of narrow strips of fabric on my cutting mat are for the Pumpkin Peel arcs I'm also working on. I usually have several projects going at one time so if I'm not happy with how something is turning out, it gets put on hold while I work on another project. It works for me!

Here's something else we were supposed to post about - our calendar to keep track of time spent. My total last week was 10 hours. I skipped Friday but since I had put in 4 hours on Thursday, I didn't feel too guilty! However, what do you think? Does time spent picking out count?

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you probably read about my crooked initial M. I very carefully picked it out but still need to embroider another M in its place.

So, here we have it. This is how far I am with my Jubilee+5 Garden wallhanging as of noon today. I've already worked on it an hour piecing in some of the side triangles and I hope to work on it another hour before my fingers get too sore from needle pokes.

I met my goal for this week except for my embroidered initial. By next week Monday, I'd like to have the wallhanging sandwiched and maybe even have begun big stitching it. Still thinking about which color perle cotton to use but reddish orange is a strong possibility.

Until next time, Mayleen


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  2. Mayleen, I love that quilt. Those polka dots between the octogons look great! (Were you testing to see if YOU were a robot?)

  3. You're right, I was checking to see if I'm a robot, LOL! I thought if I deleted my comment, there wouldn't be any trace of it but looks like I left a record anyway.

  4. Hi! I found your blog through Bonnie's linky and I think your wallhanging is very pretty!

    I am working on piecing together some hexies myself this week. "See" you next week!

  5. O, Mayleen, I love this quilt!!! The colors just make me happy!

  6. Hi Mayleen, I stumbled across this posting in blogland & you have inspired me to join Bonnie's challenge. Love your gorgeous garden quilt, so personal. Thanks, Carole