Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm stumped!

I know this shouldn't be difficult but I cannot seem to come up with an idea for my quilt guild's 2013 challenge. I'm getting nervous because I feel the clock ticking away getting closer and closer to the February completion date. The theme is "In Living Color" and we have to use a recognizeable piece of each of the fat quarters in the photo. This is a serious challenge for me because I would not normally use either of them in a quilt. I do not mind the forks and spoons but I feel I must cut that black fabric into very small pieces.

Here are a few of the "MUSTS":

The name of the quilt must include a color and you must feature that color in the quilt. Phrases come to me like Jolly Green Giant or Yellow Submarine but nothing appeals to me yet.

You must include at least one of the following: a person, an animal, a reptile or a fish. Embroidered fish swimming around a yellow submarine with the Jolly Green Giant looking out a window? 

This is not going to be easy but I guess that's why its called a challenge! 


  1. You and I differ in that I would be cutting up those forks and knives into little pieces instead of the black ,lol!! soooo I have another question.....what size is this quilt? size? Below are some absolutely crazy off the wall (top of my head) are free to use any that appeal to you..... or NONE they are so crazy....or stupid but maybe they will make you laugh and think of something else. NOT positive about your color there......

    If raspberry kisses (x's)(or wishes) were black & white fishes......
    My cat's tongue is raspberry...(cats and snails trails)
    Magenta magpies...(birds in the air/flight or those other bird blocks)
    A Fuschia flock.... (same)
    There's a black magpie/fly in my raspberry pie......
    Cerise whoo? whoo, whoo, whoo(owls).....
    With age Barney has faded to fuschia.....yikes
    A very berry fairy....
    A rose by any other name...
    Hot pink shorts on a cold winter's day....
    A schnozzleberry snake.. (something Suessy)
    Three blind mice eating rapsberry sherbet...
    Three raspberry cones (coins) in the fountain....
    (those forks make keep thinking about food)
    Very Cherry.....Merry Berry.... Berry Blast
    Ho Ho Berry Christmas.........

    gotta go, enough craziness

  2. okay one more.
    My (animal, reptile, etc) fell into the Berry juice.

  3. Come on Mayleen - don't be such a wimp! Of course your quilt has to have PINK in the title.

  4. Hi Maylene..... Well I started reading your post and then read the rules and saw the blocks of material..... not sure how you would like this idea??? but... what about "Turqoise Titanic".... the black & white could form part of the ship, coloured fish swimming around or perhaps a pink octopus and then a scuba diver with a fork and spoon in hand & other forks & spoons laying on the sea bed???? Just an idea, hugs Sharm

  5. Sounds like a challenge indeed. I think Cyndi and others have given you some great ideas. Cannot wait to see what you come up with.

  6. Sounds like a challenge, but a really fun one!
    I like the raspberry with the black and white.
    can't wait to see what you come up with.

  7. I think small pieces are the key with fabrics that stump you. I think it looks like Poodle Skirt colors!

  8. I'm picturing a block set up as a table setting with an ice cream glass filled with raspberry parfait. Or perhaps a zebra wearing a raspberry bling color and tall ostrich feathers. Happy sewing!

  9. Wow. This IS a challenge! Those musts are way too specific to give much leeway with ideas. I immediately thought of Chicken of the Sea tuna and Charlie. Not sure why, unless it was because of the silverware print. I think Charlie holds a pitchfork, or fork. I'd suggest starting with my favorite color (in my case these days, aqua) and run with it. Aqua-marine tuna?