Saturday, February 11, 2012

What just happened here ...

Did I start some new projects or what?

I guess I can blame it on the cold weather we're having! Do not want to leave the house much except for food or fabric.

This is only part of a Rocky Road to Kansas crazy quilt. Just the strip piecing is done, still have to cut and sew the red insets and borders before I start stitching. Without being aware of doing so, I think my color choices were influenced by Amish / Mennonite quilts.

These wonky applique circles are part of a donation crazy quilt and one for me too! I think trim or lace or embroidery or something will be needed to make those circles look better.

More of the fabrics I'm using in that crazy quilt wallhanging. This one's a tough one for me because I'm used to working with strong bright colors and I'm trying to make something more in the pastel range and sweet, very sweet. I'm afraid I'm losing the battle and some brights are sneaking in.

These blocks are not new. I found them when I was looking around my sewing room for more fabrics to use in the Rocky Road to Kansas crazy quilt. All the fabric is brushed cotton / flannels and is striped. I remember now why I only made four blocks before I folded it all up and carefully put it away with the pattern (Antique Rug by Aardvark Quilts). See all those stripes? They have to match to create the design. At the time I started these, I didn't like matching but now it seems very appealing to me. Not sure when I'll get the chance to work on these again but I hope soon!

Remember my clamshell quilt? If not, you can see it here. I think I've decided to big stitch/utility stitch it in, gulp, orange perle cotton 8. Someone suggested orange to me this afternoon and my immediate reaction was less than positive but I've done some test stitching and it looks surprisingly good.

If I wake up tomorrow morning and hate it, I guess I can always blame it on the weather too!


  1. Sound like you have enough projects going to keep you busy until the warm weather returns. Your rocky road to kansas will be beautiful.

  2. I love the Rocky Road to Kansas! Great blocks too and using orange perle in big stitch sounds very interesting. I can't get your clamshells out of my head, so beautiful. Tonight, for sure, I will work on mine.

  3. I really like your Rocky Road to Kansas, love those bright colours and you won me with that Amish influence, 'cos I love that!!!!

  4. Oh yes....I'm swooning over that Rocky Road to Kansas quilt....great red background!!