Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Building Code Violation

This probably means I shouldn't try to build my own house to live in, right? I paper pieced the first house but decided to hand piece the next house so that I could get the flower centered in the window. In the past, I've not been very good at making my own templates and its obvious that I'm still not very good at making my own templates. Back to the drawing board!

Anyone know of a good tutorial about making templates?

I'm also still plugging away at making hexagons for my version of Anna Ruggles hexagon quilt. See my previous post for a link to it. These hexagons should be enough to finish the round of rosettes I'm working on. It takes a surprising amount of time to stitch them together, especially using the method I'm trying to keep the stitches from showing. Will share that with you another time.

You may have noticed that I removed the brown background from my blog. I'm still looking for something I like to replace it so things may look different the next time you stop by. Not so sure I like the creamy swirls, just a little too yellow for me. Not that there's anything wrong with yellow, its just not "me". The question is, "What is me?"


  1. Houses are just plain tricky. I tried drafting my own pattern once and made several blocks where the roof line did not match up to base of the house. It was a disaster. I've seen reverted back to someone elses pattern. AP&Q had a great pattern awhile back for a small house. If you want the reference date, let me know and I'll try to find that issue.

  2. I loved your title for this post!! so funny. I think your house will be just fine. Of course I things a little off, so there you go.
    Your hexies look like fun, can't wait to see them whipped up.

  3. Your little house block is so sweet! I decided I got better results using foundation paper piecing! Hexies do take a bit of time, but I just love the results!!!

  4. I love the houses everyone is making ~ I tried one using paper piecing and I really do not enjoy paper piecing. I like hand piecing so I am going to make my templates by laminating the pattern and cutting the pieces apart on the lines ~ then trace and stitch!

  5. Hi, you can find a tutorial here:

    But I didn't manage doing it that way, I'm not very handy...I just cut out the pieces out of template plastic to make templates. Underneath the fabric I put a piece of sandpaper and then I draw with a thin pencil the line around the templates. (I'm sorry, my English is probably not so good....)

  6. I'm sure your houses will be just fine. I decided to do mine with foundation piecing as I think I can be more accurate that way; and I enlarged them to finish about 4 1/4 inches square. I have made a window shape out of template plastic (with a hole in the centre) so that I can see how my window fabric will look. I always secure with a pin or 2 to make sure my window fabric stays where I want it. Keep trying - I find them fun and addictive and I'm sure you will too!