Monday, January 9, 2012

Stitch & Soak

I'm stitching the clamshell rows together and then have some last fix it things to do on my clamshell quilt. You can get a peek of my narrow border choice to the left of the quilt top. The main border, not making an appearance yet, is quite colorful and bold.

Question - Should I soak the glue basting out before I stitch the borders on or afterwards? I can think of pros and cons of doing it either way but which do you readers think would be better? This is the first time I have ever glue basted and some of the glue has been in the fabric for months.

The body of the quilt measures about 65 inches "square". Because its so large and I don't want to distort the top, I plan to put an old sheet down in the bathtub and then fold the quilt on top of it before adding the water. Any words of advice?

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  1. The quilt so far looks awesome and an incredible amount of work. I can't help you with your query as I've never used glue before in a quilt, I hope someone can answer your question. I wish you the best with it!!!