Saturday, January 7, 2012

House #1

Here's my first house for Jeanneke's Houses from Scraps challenge! If you click on the button on the upper right hand column, you can read all about it.

I know some people are making one a day but my goal is to make one a week which is more doable given my schedule. This was my second attempt at the block and even then had to take it apart because I sewed the window flower in upside down!

Each little house finishes at about 3 inches and its a challenge to get used to working with such small pieces. A very good way to use up scraps though!

I've chosen to paper piece using old telephone book pages which I'm able to feed through our printer. Rather than tear each page out of the book, I took it to Office Max and had them do one cut as close to the binding as possible. Its a nice even page now although a little smaller than standard paper.

Clamshell update: I've sewn several rows together and hope to have the main body of the quilt top stitched together by next weekend. Pictures coming soon!


  1. these are such fun little houses.
    what a clever idea with the phone book

  2. Your little house block is just too cute!!! I've only made one so far as well and I'm foundation paper piecing them - I imagine the more you make the more addictive they become LOL!!!! Beware!!!!!

  3. cute house...I'm thinking of joining in also...but I think I will enlarge mine to be a 6" block!!!