Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wednesday - Sewing Day!

I always think of Wednesdays as sewing day!

My mom was part of a church sewing society which met on Wednesdays during the fall, winter and spring months. Many of the women who attended were older farm wives and this day was not only a day of growing spiritually and doing something meaningful for church missions but it was also a day of socializing.

No socializing on my Wednesdays but I try to keep it just for sewing and not let a lot of errands and "things to do" creep in to my day!

Fifteen years ago, my mom embroidered tea towels with scenes of teddy bears doing housework. I wanted my kids to dry dishes with them so they've seen a little wear. Instead of them just laying in a drawer and never being seen, I decided to make them into a wallhanging. This is a little on the "cute" side for me but I still like them and hope to finish hand quilting this wallhanging someday.

About the block above, I'm not particularly fond of mending but I do enjoy sewing!

Clean day is also not a favorite day for me but it needs to be done. No cleaning fairy at our house!

Probably my favorite day is Bake Day! Unfortunately, that usually means an unhappy moment on the bathroom scale the next day.

Back to Wednesdays and sewing days - Yesterday, I finished handpiecing the clamshell blocks! I can hardly believe the blocks themselves are done. Here are some of them, not in final arrangement yet though. There are 13 full diamond blocks, 8 half diamonds for the sides and the 4 corner blocks.

Next up is figuring out how to make and sew on the scalloped sashing. My quilt is inspired by Kaffe Fassett's quilt in his Museum Quilts book. He used a narrow bias strip to make his sashing but had to make small tucks at each scallop. I don't want to do that so I'll have to draft a pattern for the sashing. The sashing fabric is green and will also be hand pieced/appliqued to the blocks.

I hoped, in one of my more optimistic moments, to have the top completely done by the end of the year. LOL My schedule this month has gone crazy with something on our calendar nearly every day of the month. I'll be checking in from time to time though and will let you know how my sashing saga is progressing!


  1. Thanks for showing your tea towels. Yes, a little cutesy, but the significance of them and the memories far outweigh that. Your clamshell blocks are looking fabulous! This is going to be another "Magnificent Mayleen" quilt. It will be fun to watch how you finish it. Keep up the good work, even if it's into 2012.

  2. Those stitched bears are adorable! I love days of the week towels!
    your clam shells look awesome too

  3. What a nice way to preserve those teatowels, a great legacy for your kids and their kids!!!
    So many memories there!!
    Your clamshell looks wonderful too, well done, quite a major effort there sewing them all together!!!!

  4. Hi, Mayleen. Your mom's towels are such neat designs and look great framed by patchwork. I have a set of embroidered towels (same idea of a week's work) from my grandmother and have hesitated about how to use them. So I like your idea. Also love the clamshell quilt--gorgeous fabrics and the design is so pleasing.
    best from Tunisia, nadia