Wednesday, December 14, 2011

11 out of 13

Does that sound like a math question at school? 11 out of 13 = 2!

Only 2 more of the 13 diamond blocks need sashing strips sewn to them! That means I've sewn sashing strips to 11 of the blocks so far.
Of course, there's still the setting and corner blocks, deciding on a layout and then hand stitching all the blocks together. My next goal is to finish sewing the sashing strips to all of the blocks by next Wednesday, the 21st. I would really like to finish hand piecing this quilt top before the new year begins but unfortunately, I don't think I'll have the time to do that.

I have a bad habit of overcommiting myself, mostly to things that are worthy and need doing, but just who am I trying to impress? Instead of working like a mad woman on this quilt just so I can say I finished it before the new year, I plan to slow down and enjoy the process.

The Christmas season can be really stressful when we try to live up to other people's expectations. I'm going through one of those times today and feeling very torn about what to do.

Time to slow down, time to decide what's really important and time to enjoy the process!


  1. Here, here! "Time to slow down." KNOW what's most important... "and enjoy the process. You don't need to decide what's most important, Mayleen, because you already know, don't you? God, family, friends, and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Now you've got it right! All of us should do the same. Thank you for this good reminder. Your clamshell quilt is stunning... whether the top is completed in 2011 or 2012.

  2. Your quilt is looking just amazing! Mayleen, do what you want when you can...
    Like you said the most important thing to is enjoy the process, and try and not make creating this quilt a chore, you don't want to fall out of love with it!!
    You are making it for 'you' not 'us', we will enjoy seeing it when it's ready!!!!
    Make sure you enjoy what this season is really all about, and don't stress ok LOL!!!! I sincerely wish you and yours a safe and happy Holiday Season from Downunder!!!!!

  3. great! only 2 more - It looks smashing.
    My husband reminded me this morning "your commitments are over for the year, you do what you want....he's right. we all too often do what others want or expect. I hope you find time for you and what you want.