Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scrappy Tripping Around the World!

Monday evening, I went to hear Quiltville's Bonnie Hunter speak at the Walnut Valley Quilter's Guild in Winfield, Kansas. She's a great speaker and I loved her Fabric Food Chain quilt since I'm really trying to use up 30 years worth of fabric!

Here's Bonnie with her Virginia Bound quilt which is another quilt I'd like to make "someday". In fact, I'd like to make 3/4 of the quilts in her latest book Scraps & Shirtails II.
Here's her version of Scrappy Trip Around the World. I got to take her workshop for this quilt on Tuesday! She's a great teacher so if you have a chance to hear her speak or take a workshop with her, be sure you do so!
Below you can see the blocks I finished in class. I made mine with 2 inch strips and set 9 strips in a row.

Its a lot brighter than I thought it would be and I'm not so sure I like it. What do you think I should add? More prints or more greens or blues? Can you tell I have a lot of pink and red fabric to use up? I'm working entirely from my stash so I'm somewhat limited. A big problem I'm having is that the strips need to be 18 inches long. Quite a bit of my fabric stash is not that long or is yardage I'd like to keep for backings. Any suggestions?


  1. I love that first one too! Is it in her Scraps & Shirttails II book? I don't have her books yet. I think your blocks look great! I bet it will look awesome when you finish it.

  2. isn't bonnie such fun!
    I'm glad you got to meet her.
    She has great scrap quilts

  3. p.s. I like the brightness of your TATW!

  4. Hi Mayleen! Your quilt is looking great! I love the brights... and pink and red. I wouldn't change a thing, but as you know, I like the bright stuff. You've offered two options that negate each other: no 18" long strips, and not wanting to cut into big pieces. You've set yourself up for "impossible!" I'd suggest cutting ONE strip from your big pieces, then you can keep going. I think your quilt is going to be wonderful. Would you PLEASE quit making quilts I want to make too!?

  5. I love your TATW blocks, they are just wonderful as they are! but then I love the scrappy whimsical look, I would just keep going as you as, it will be awesome when done! You could tame it down by using just one fabric for the border instead of a pieced border, or no border at all!!!
    How wonderful to have had the opportunity to have met Bonnie, she is a great inspiration!!!

  6. I love the quilt in the first picture of Bonnies! It must have been so inspiring to see her quilts in person. Love your quilt too, keep going I would cut strips from your fabrics and just keep going the more blocks you make the more you will like it I bet!