Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Selvage Pie


"Selvage Pie", 82x82", machine quilted by Jan Hutchison

I finally finished "Selvage Pie"! It's a pattern by Marianne Fons which I made with selvages donated by Prairie Quilt Guild members. It should have hung in our guild show this past June. When our show was cancelled, all that was left to do was the binding and I just put it off. Not to mention, I had made a big mistake which needed to be fixed first. Anyway, its finished which is a big relief.


What am I working on now? Binding. Unfortunately if I'm at it too long, my shoulder, arm, and hand start to hurt so I'm trying not to push myself too hard.

 Some of our grandkids spent this past weekend with us! It just so happened it was probably the last really warm weekend this year so they requested a pool party. We just have two wading pools but we've got a lot of water toys. They spent hours playing in the water and watering my flowers, bushes, and trees. Very helpful since we're in a drought.


We also decorated Molasses jack-o-lantern cookies. The cookie without any candy was decorated by the youngest who promptly ate any candy we gave him. Do you see the face his fingers made in the frosting? It actually looks spookier than any of the other cookies!

I'm also trying to savor any time outside in the garden because colder temperatures are on the way. Enjoy the season!

Until next time, Mayleen


Karen said...

I have not seen a selvedge edge quilt done in the shape design that you used. Unique and creative. I am guessing it weighs a lot.

QuiltGranma said...

When doing hand work I have to look at the clock at the beginning, and make sure to not go over 1 1/2 hours else my hands really ache for a few days.