Friday, June 3, 2016

Warning, if you ever ...

IF you ever get a bright idea to do something like this ...
... lay down until the feeling passes!!!

This is Orphan Block Project #2 with some of the orphan blocks given to me. Its mostly pieced together now, definitely not going to be flat. I pity the longarmer who agrees to edge to edge quilt this. I'm hoping a good press with starch will help.

But for now, I'm stumped. Originally I'd thought of a red strippy background to use up some of my red/purple scraps.

 Too dark? Something's not right.
 So then I tried putting scraps from the few low volume or neutral fabrics I have in my stash. It does nothing for me.
I've got lots of green strips but I don't like this either. A jealous heart? No

I'd really hoped to use up some of my scrap fabric but it looks like I'll need to go to the fabric store. 
Any suggestions - brighter colors? Whites/creams? Polka dots?

I'm supposed to be getting over a summer cold, working on quilt sleeves and labels, applique on LE but you can see I'm putting it off this week. Next week, yes, definitely back to work next week.

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. First of all, WOW! I agree, I don't like the green. I do like the red, but I also think a combo of black and white prints or polka dots would be nice. Just to add to the stress of getting it done! I think it is sensational so far.

  2. I really like the layout and the total concept of where you're going with this. However, it reminds me of a pastel lone star top I began years ago. I started using one fabric as the background and need to undo it and go with light. So the star stands out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think that it's pretty busy so a solid or reads as solid might be just the what you've done! You're almost there!! I think something in an aqua, green or blue...just my humble opinion!

  4. The heart shape is unique. What about blues for the background part?

  5. Cool project! What if you sewed a black sashing piece on the outside edge all around the blocks of the outside of the heart, then try your different colors again? It seems like it needs a stopping point to me.

  6. WOW stunning heart it sure beats fast LOL. I recently did some thing Simlair with masses of colour and could not move on to frame it till I added a black 1/4 inch bias around it then I could have added any colour. I'd love to see what it would look like with the black bias to outline it then the radical black and white polka dots in different sizes in strips LOL. Just have fun LOL. Cheers Glenda I

  7. PS Thanks for sharing this with us a great tutorial and looking forward to seeing the second 1/2 of this tutorial it sure is a great learning curve. LOL Glenda